What is a Syndicator?

the golden age

A Syndicator places digital assets of their promotional campaigns or their clients on the IGNITOR TV network in places where targeted audiences can view that content on an evergreen basis.


Revenue is generated when the ads that are within reach of the IGNITOR TV Flip Zine are purchased for placement or per sale as an affiliate of that product.


In the next article, you'll learn all about that, but for this portion, here are the 4 key things to know first.


1. Posting content in all the best places that keep information fresh and relevant is 1 key, but keeping it updated is also a critical 2nd key.


2. A Syndicator establishes new income streams with each digital asset posted. It's a continuous revenue stream point that could generate a lifetime income on autopilot by continuing to offer those ad spaces for rent.


3. Each ad placed pays the Syndicator for views and for the sales of goods and services as an affiliate of that product or service.


4. All Syndicators are networked together to broaden each advertiser's reach per niche.


5. Co-branding: Giving others your Flip Magazines to giveaway to others as a lead magnet furthers the reach of each digital asset produced. 

Asset-vertising vs. Ash-vertising:


The 20th Century brought about a revolution in communications. From radio and print media we evolved into television and the Internet.


This new revolution puts income right onto your fingertips via your smartphone or website, by writing a review, commenting, sharing or liking, watching videos etc.


Now rewarding the viewer, reader, listener, referral agent or affiliate is where portions of new income generation originate.


Here are the basics:


1. Each time a viewer engages with the various forms of ads on our network they are offered a reward for that view, share, etc. It begins by offering credits and onward to cash and bitcoin as the IGNITOR TV network matures in 2021.


2. This also can be a side income generator from referring others, posting content, or from placing your own ads. 


3. Careers are open to those seeking a professional agent or agency opportunity.


4. Each advertisement is designed to be online and updated to remain relevant for top rankings.


5. Those wanting larger income projects to have access to royalties from pay-per-view, video-on-demand, digital publishing of our Mini Magazines, or our ebooks from our Authors.

the residual$ revolution

Most of the world with a smartphone surfs the social media giants and the giants earn billions yearly.


Do you get any of their profit? Probably not.


Why not?


It's not their business model to pay you to surf their platform. You get free stuff and they make billions from your free mind time.

Paid to View is IGNITOR TV's Model.


When you refer someone to us, be it, advertiser or viewer, you'll receive various levels of compensation. Either credits or cash for sales of products or services or both.


Extra Income or Career Motivated?


We offer freelancer training, Syndicators who place ads or agencies wanting to promote our brands or theirs.


An Offer You Can't Refuse. 


  • Work from your home or phone.
  • Start free or upgrade for as little as $20.00.
  • Earn Residuals or Royalties from recurring service fees or merchandise sales.


Want to know more, click the Viva link below to go see if we're a good fit for your future.


Viva the Residual Revolution.

Residual Commissions


20      century

How Advertising Budgets Get Turned to Ashes.

1. Advertising on Radio?

How Many Listeners Heard Your Ad?

2. Advertising in Magazines?

How Many Readers Read Your Ad?

3. Advertising on Television?

How Many Viewers Saw Your Ad?


You're Ash-Vertising If you Don't Know the Answers to Those Questions.

What's the Solution?

Monetizable Mini Magazines + Digital Asset Advertising = Evergreen Profits.


We Know Who Your Niche Customer is, What they Want to Read, See, Watch and Hear.


21st Century Advertising. Target, Incentive, and Offer Residuals.


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